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Our 'main' mobile unit is shown above at top right. This 4wd unit can go most places and we simply drive in and park, ready to go. No power or setting up needed.

At right below, is our second mobile unit. Again, permanently set up, ready to go instantly, either as a drive-around broadcaster, or a park-and-operate system. It does have more and bigger speakers now though.
Nissan Mobile unit
The mobile units are fully self contained, battery operated, with no cables, wiring or other setup needed - unless extras are wanted.

Radio microphones are normally used with our outdoor systems. This allows commentators to go walkabout as needed. We can also provide several wired mikes if needed or preferred.
The mobile units run powerful amplifiers, enough to drive the PA horn speakers to full capability. With the high efficiency of horn loudspeakers, this is equivalent to a massive amount of 'soundpower' and extra amplifiers are handy in case more power is needed.

With more than 24 outdoor type horn speakers available, we can cover the largest outdoor events, and huge areas.

For outdoor sound systems, PA horn speakers are very efficient, but being intended for voice only they have a poor bass response, so where music is wanted we can provide cone type speaker boxes with excellent music response. Yeah, Thump that bass man. We also carry a selection of background music, and a laptop loaded with music appropriate for certain events is available.

Stand SpeakersExtra speakers on stands (satellite units) can be added to cover areas further away. These portable units can be either wired back to the main amplifier, which requires cables being run, or self contained battery operated units, radio linked back to the main system so that no wiring is needed. These are normally two 30 watt speaker units on each stand, so 60 watts total. Radio linked units can be up to 3 kilometers line-of-sight away from the main system.

These satellite units can also be operated as portable stand alone units, with a seperate radio microphone, independent of the main unit. These are small and light enough to carry into situations a vehicle can't go, or isn't desirable. Like a hilltop, an outdoor opening or wedding ceremony, a dedication, and places where music quality isn't needed. One such unit is in regular use, being carried across mudflats to a burial island. They just unfold the stand, flick the switch, pick up the mike, it's ready to go. We also have music quality units available.

A typical setup would be to have the mobile vehicle unit at a central point, with portable satellite units set up at a distance. For example a fishing competition might have the mobile system parked up near the weigh-in office, with battery operated satellite units set up further up or down the river or beach. Since these are radio linked, we can cover a very large area like this. Each seperate system can be linked back to the main 'office' or seperately operated, or both.

Another example might be a pony club event, where several rings are set up. Each ring's judge or marshall can have their own independent speaker system with a wireless microphone, or a walkie talkie mike, or both. If necessary, each seperate system can also be linked so that the Office can talk through all systems at once, for grounds wide notices.

We can also supply up to 20 walkie talkie units for communicating between officials and the office, office to first aid etc.